7 Add-On Cleaning Services That Will Help You Expand Your Cleaning Services Business

When it comes to owning a cleaning services business, you are always determined to provide the best cleaning services to your clients. After all the industry is based upon creating relationships and bonds, that will get you more business from your regular clients and increase the number of your newer clients as well.

So if you are wondering what more you can do in order to provide better to your clients, then you must read on. You can either offer new services or can provide deep cleaning versions of your existing services.

These add-on services will surely help you expand your business and increase its growth.

Additional Steam Cleaning – If you already provide carpet cleaning services such as vacuum cleaning and stain removal from the carpet then this service can definitely be added. A carpet steam cleaner will surely allow you to give the best cleaning to your client’s carpet as it will leave no scope for even the smallest stains. Your regular customers can go for this option once in every six months.

Cleaning Windows at Height – You are already cleaning carpet and floors, then why not clean the windows as well! Make the services of your business even more diversified by adding window cleaning. You can also offer to clean windows at a height by purchasing water fed poles that will help you clean every inch of the window from in and out.

Gutter Cleaning Services – Another great additional service that you can provide alongside your main cleaning service is gutter cleaning. You might need to invest a bit in the equipment, but that will be worth it. Moreover, you can also provide gutter cleaning services as an add-on to the roof cleaning service. This service will enable you to give a complete floor-to-roof cleaning service to your client.

Party Cleaning and Support – If you introduce this service, you can make sure that a lot of business is coming towards your business. A lot of people require a hand while they are preparing for a party and also while they are cleaning up the huge mess afterwards. If your business can provide a solution to both these problems, then you can indeed be sure about the expansion of your cleaning services business.

Real Estate Cleaning – A lot of construction companies are now looking towards hiring cleaning services. You can provide with a site cleaning before the construction work begins and also a site cleaning once the construction work has ended. Tie up with many construction clients, and you can look at a promising business opportunity here.

Errand Services – You might often face a situation where not all of your cleaners are being used up in a cleaning project at all times. So you can provide errand services to your customers. This way they might even book you for your cleaning services, and you will not have to face the problem of having idle staff.

Organising Services – This service can be an excellent addition to the list of services offered by you. You can combine your cleaning services with the organising services. This can include helping big corporate offices rearrange their office furniture or assisting your clients in reorganising their furniture once you are done cleaning their houses!

If your existing services have received a good response from your previous or regular clients, then there is no doubt that if you add these new services, you will receive a generous response here as well. However, you must make sure that before you introduce such services, you should have proper working knowledge about their operation and must also be well equipped with the essential devices, tools and equipment.


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