Classic Traits of a Signature Hampton kitchen

The Hampton Kitchen is inspired by the coastal and classy interiors that are found in Hampton, New York. The spacious and breezy Hampton kitchen is perfect for a family. The sophisticated charm of this amazing style is becoming extremely popular these days. It reminds one of the beautiful beaches and airy living spaces.  Here are the typical traits of a Hampton Kitchen.

Light and Bright

A beautiful hamptons style kitchen usually has light shades. These subtle hues have an uplifting vibe. The color scheme you need to adopt is white and pastels. The white kitchen design is breathtaking and looks amazing in even a traditional home. You would be astonished to see the gorgeous design the moment you enter your space. Give your living space a contemporary edge with this adorable design.

Shaker Cabinetry

The shaker cabinetry is inspired from the plain yet functional style. Durability is an important key for Hampton Kitchens. The doors are available in a variety of finishes and have soft paint all over it. The white shaker doors look amazing. Alternatively, you can also opt for glass doors. Want to give the shaker cabinet a twist? Go for grey and black color. It creates a lovely contrast.

Tile or Marble Walls

A tile wall adds an incredibly classy aesthetic to your kitchen. Using glass or stainless steel would just go with the regal look of a Hampton kitchen. You may also go for a marble wall. It would simply boost the appearance of your kitchen! You may also add a black backsplash to add a dramatic facet to your kitchen.

Coastal Lighting

It is no news that Hampton Kitchen is inspired by coastal living. The same essence is found in the lighting of the kitchen too! Humungous pendant lighting makes the kitchen look vibrant and classy. Pendant lights made with glass give an appearance of spaciousness. You may also go for heavy steel lamps. These lamps truly resemble the steel ships that are anchored in blue oceans.

Catchy Contrasts

The contrast designs in your kitchen can balance out the whites. You can experiment with various textures and colors to find out the perfect option. A good tip here could be to add a dark wooden floor or chairs in bamboo. Moreover, you could also add quirky accessories in your kitchen that will simply breathe in life to your kitchen. It should be noted that while finding these contrast pieces, don’t go overboard. For instance, a gigantic bright colored vase can look odd amongst pastel shades. Choose these quirky pieces wisely.

Butler Style Kitchen

A gorgeous Hampton Kitchen is incomplete without a butler style kitchen sink. It certainly adds a distinctive finishing touch to the kitchen. The best part about this sink is that it goes very well with modern as well as traditional décor.

Final Take

Thus, the signature Hampton Kitchen has got its own charm which truly encompasses modern living. This gorgeous interior is not only sophisticated but also increases the value of your kitchen. To do justice to your Hampton Kitchen, make sure that you keep it airy and bright. Traditional marbles or tiles along with shaker style doors are also mandatory. To give it a final touch, add nautical lighting as well as the butler style sink. These essentials will give your Hampton Kitchen a complete look. You can definitely add your personal touch by making little changes here and there. As far as the décor has pastel and light shades, it should be just fine. You can also laminate kitchen benchtops to add a shiny finish and glam to your kitchen.



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