How to go about cleaning a hoarder’s house even when you feel paralyzed by the unending mess?

A Hoarder’s House Clean-up is a daunting task for most but Tim & Tina Home Declutter & Clearing have the experience to tackle it head on and get the job done with no fuss.

Many people just have no idea where to start due to the scale of mess that has built up over time in a hoarder’s home. Finding a free path into and around the house may be impossible due to the volume of stuff that has built up over the years, and climbing over things can be dangerous. Tim & Tina Home Declutter & Clearing will work methodically from each entrance of the home with the end result being a Cleared House after much rubbish removal. Will also clear out the sheds and garage which in most cases are also jam packed. Anything found of sentimental or monetary value will be returned to the family.

If the hoarder is still living in the home it is suggested that the family find alternative accommodation while the job is being done as Hoarder’s experience very high level of anxiety if they see their possessions are being taken away, especially when seeing their possessions in a Large Bin Skip. The house is usually not fit for living in and so moving out for a week is usually the best solution to get the job done as quickly as possible. However, Tim & Tina Home Declutter and Clearing have had to manage jobs when the Hoarder is still in the home and are experienced in dealing with the emotion and anxiety that they are going through.   

As mentioned Identifying where to start Clearing a home that’s been overloaded with significant amounts of clutter can be extremely daunting. But, thankfully, that is where Tim & Tina Home Declutter & Clearing  are happy to step in and get the job done to totally or partially Clear out the Hoarder’s house, and a professional job and 100% Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. They specialise in Hoarder House Clearing jobs and offer both full and partial home Cleaning services at very competitive rates. Will also organise Hoarder House Cleaning Services at the end of the Clearing job.

Tim & Tina Home Declutter & Clearing will create an inventory of sentimental and valuable items found and return to client or family. The family also often ask for to look for certain items and they do their best to find them and return to the family.

They also ensure that their staff wear protective clothes, suitable work boots and face masks as in most cases it is very difficult to know what is under the piles of mess and a first aid kit is always on the job.

They provide all boxes, garbage bags, wheelbarrows, trolleys etc.. to do the job, and arrange drop off and pickup of Skip Bins for Rubbish removal. The Size and number of Skip Bins is based on the the volume of Rubbish inside and outside the Home. Will clear out contents in ovens, fridges, contents in kitchen cupboards, pantry’s, and all drawers and cupboards throughout the home.

They work on totally Clearing one room first, usually a bedroom, and use that room to store anything that needs to be kept (Sentimental items, important documents, and items of value, useable furniture). Then move onto the rest of the house.

After the Home has been Cleared they also offer Cleaning services (Domestic, window, carpet, and tile cleaning) as well as general handyman repairs.

Tim & Tina Home Declutter and Clearing specialise not only in Hoarder House Clean-up, but Deceased Estate clearance, assist clients Downsizing and Relocating, and those that need a decluttering tidy up No job is too small or too big.


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